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Thread: Where can I find someone who can sponsor/give low cost hosting for community.

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    Where can I find someone who can sponsor/give low cost hosting for community.

    Hi.. I am access, or better known as Shaifful.
    I'm looking for a GOOD hosting which is reliable and cheap, if someone/company can sponsor us, I would be better.

    Actually, now I am running Joomla Malaysia Community, located at /

    Currently 3 of my Admins, are the moderators at Joomla.ORG and I also as one of Malaysian (from 2) whos responsible localizing Joomla Language pack to Bahasa Melayu. We are providing help and support for user all around Malaysia and just a few days ago, with the sponsorship from PocketCraft Software we manage to hold a Malaysia Joomla Day, which was attended by one of the core developer from joomla itself. We also have participants from Thailand, Singapore and Cambodia. We are also in the process of creating Joomla User Groups (which more on face to face interaction or better as a community).

    Our community are Not For Profit, and I realize people would ask, why should we host your site? And in return what do we get? Well of course we cannot help much in providing or generating income for you guys, as we also run without sponsor or generating any incomes. But atleast you can help us build a community, a healthy open source, rather than some of the just hanging around site. And we can also help spreading your good name. And promoting your company as a return.

    Well some people may wonder or Ask.. Why there is TWO or Maybe Three Joomla site for Malaysian to hang around and asking question and helping each other, well we believe that creating such website will never let us divide ourself from helping each other, we do help each other. We also going to organize the Official Community together. Our community are growing, from the word of mouth from the event we make, and maybe next year we can organize more event for joomla user. Actually we are now in the process of absorbing Ideas for our next joomla Day 2008. If you think you can help us, you can contact us.

    To be frank, our site now only utilizing 250 MB of space, and our bandwith are from 2GB, and now keep growing. So we need a reliable server which can help us serving the community better. We are looking for hosting which can give us 5GB space and 50GB bandwith for a start. We are looking for new hoster, since our current webserver are not very stable and creates lots of problem to our user.

    So those who can point me to the hoster that can help us,are really appreciated. Sponsorship are welcome. Help us to serve the community and our people building a better site.

    Thank you very much.

    If someone/company interested to sponsor us, you can contact me at 0199837078. Shaiffulnizam Mohamad, or you can check my profiles for more details of what I'm doing.;u=1389
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    Please email to mizan at
    We're glad to sponsor

    We Host Your Business.

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    I think I can allow if the bandwith wont 'eat up' my overall bandwith, I still got some extra for domain hosting

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