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Thread: Where should I host my websites?

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    Where should I host my websites?

    I need 10Gb space and 100Gb bandwidth!
    The company should provide 99.9% network uptime and min 30-day money back guarantee.
    Any info on hosting? Is it reliable web host?
    What host can you advise?
    What location should I choose?

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    I've been using for a long time and must say that I am fully-satisfied. The Support is very fast and efficient, and usually resolves any problem or issue within hours.
    I have found them to be the best host for support, advice, and pricing out of several hosts I have ever seen before.

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    I can express the point that work is based on quality and these guys know how to keep everything working.
    15% OFF CODE: S415OFF. RAID-10 protected disk arrays for speed and redundancy. Supports Linux and Windows.

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    Check out plans from time-tested companies, I mean and
    They are providing high uptime, skilful support and useful features included in their plans.
    Their customer service is responsible, friendly, and eager. SSD technology makes load speed fast.

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    When it comes to choosing a hosting provider, here are some things you might want to notice before hand.
    1. Reliable and reactive customer support?
    - After choosing a list of hosting companies that you think is worthy of trying, test their customer support team to see how reliable and reactive the service is. Ask basic questions during working hours and off-hours. Some companies claim they provide 24/7 customer support, but if they don't answer you during off-hours, then it's questionable. 24/7 customer support is rather important because you never know when you're going to face downtime or other technical difficulties.

    2. Any contract? Any upfront payment? What are the terms and conditions? Anything you need to know in case you want to migrate to a new host in the future?
    - You must know and understand all the important terms and conditions, so that you won't be caught up in bad positions in case you want to terminate a service. Make sure to ask questions if the description in the website is ambiguous.

    3. Location?
    - Is location important when choosing a hosting provider? Well, yes of course. Choosing a host that is within the proximity of you and your target audience gives you low latency. The lower the latency, the faster a website/web application can be loaded, the better your hosting experience is. If your target audience is off-shore (for example, your blog or e-commerce business is targeted at US/EU citizens, while you are based in Malaysia), then choose a host that provides CDN (Content Delivery Network) services. CDN allows for a faster data transfer across different regions in the world.
    - Faster page loading speed = better SEO ranking

    Good luck, and happy hosting!

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