Anyone host in shinjiru hosting?

Just to share my bad experience with this hosting company.
I hosted my site for almost 9 years, all in sudden they ask me to migrate to new VPS due to server issue.

They created a new server for me, i start migrating all my files to the new server.
I find out that the new server performance is even worst than the old.

I wrote all the details to them. They couldnt resolve this for half a month, this mean my site down for half month.
For the same issue, there 6 to 7 technical take turns resolving my case. I need to explain to them over and over again.

They blame my poor coding script cause the slowness.

I feel very disappointed and finally quit.

Their technical knowledge is very poor, they cant even address what cause the slowness and blame my script.
I migrate to other new hosting company and running the same script. It works like charm!