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Thread: vs vs is the winner?

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    i 'm using mesrahosting about 1 month... till now there was no problem... but sometimes server getting slow..but not too slow .. . maybe peak time on what ...thumbs up!!!
    live support is also friendly...

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    mesrahosting terbagus..

    tapi provider ni strict sikit, kalau guna resouce lebih ehem mungkin kena suspend tapi itu tak ada hal, ape pun servis dia memang bagus..

    dan sekarang mesrahosting dah ada plan baru...lebih besar lebih murah

    Minimum Linux GB new
    1GB Web Space
    No Setup Fee
    Unlimited POP3 / Web Email
    10 GB Bandwidth Transfer
    20 Sub Domain
    10 mySQL Database
    Web Base Control Panel
    RM 100/- per year

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    Thumbs down mesrahosting is suck

    Quote Originally Posted by Syazwan View Post vs vs ....which one are the best...

    @ mercumaya --> my site speed are quite slow & and always down, i dunno what happen. i already optimize some images. sometimes it cant connect to my database .......i am really sad

    my webbie--> OpenDNS

    (no offence to mercumaya)

    @mesrahosting--> i dunno how good this company .......any website that host with them?

    @ -->it is down for past five days (maybe u cant view their original pages now ...coz they hav probs) ...but the frontpage said that ' hosting' .....? file hosting or web hostng?.....that makes me curious....

    so....need ur help which one is better.........or if u got other webhosting that are cheap (around rm 100 ) and can store >80 mb ....plz list it here


    But is really suck.Email server can be down for 48 hours as told by their staff just now.I unable to use my email now.If email hosting down for 2 hours,we can lost some profit.We are expected lost more than rm10K because two day email server down.So,mersahosting will pay our lost profit?I dont think so.Their never learn and understand that if provide hosting services to client,their must be 100% prepare when server is down or anything.Learn from mistake became better and better.Must be inform client and plan well.But their dont.I call only then their tell us server down for 48 hours.Beside when i complain about we having problem sending email to our client.We unable send most of tm email until now.Their try to blame our client first.I using and never server down for my personel website.It is great.About rm330 per years with 2 free domain names.But i like it because their can direct to call ur hp from USA about problem that we are facing.And inform us alway when have problem.This is call customer services.Their(mesrahosting) never learn from big hosting company.

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    please check what hostpak dot net offers.

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