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Thread: Dedicated Server

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    Dedicated Server

    What is the difference between dedicated server and normal shared hosting?
    What else can you do with dedicated hosting?

    I am actually looking for a hosting that can support MSSQL 2005 and Cold Fusion v8.
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    Dedicated is actually a server that you can manage and sell semi-dedicated, VPS, master reseller, reseller, and shared hosting. Shared hosting means a hosting account for your website. Hope you understand what I meant.

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    Putting this in layman's terms.

    Shared Hosting = Room in a House that you rent. There are other tenants in the house with you, you don't own the house, you're just renting a space in the house (on the server)

    Dedicated Server = You own the house. You can do whatever you want to the house, paint it bright orange, paint it totally black, all up to you. You can rent it out to people. Whatever you like doing, it's your choice.

    Should be as easy to understand as that. I hope this is easy enough to understand
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    Dedicated server is like landed property, you own the space as well as the construction on the space. Shared hosting is like a condo in a high rise, you just own the condo unit - not the high rise itself. Technically speaking, dedicated server is the best possible solution for mission critical websites. Dedicated Servers are a very secure way of hosting your resource intensive website or SQL Databaseas as you get the opportunity for customization as per your requirements. Racked in a secure location and monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, all Dedicated Servers are performance orientated servers and are configured for reliability. Datacenter is temperature controlled to ensure your private server is always running at optimum levels.

    You can host unlimited number of websites on your dedicated server however it is sensible not to overload a server with more websites than it can cope with. This is dependent on the specification of your server and the type of websites that you want to host on it. An entry level server would permit about 200 odd websites to be hosted on it. This would include applications like webserver, MySQL, MS-SQL, FTP, mail-server and any other additional application you may want.

    For your specific need on MS-SQL + ColdFusion, you may go in for windows shared hosting services as there are providers who still offer CFM (coldfusion) on shared hosting. But it is best advised that you go in for an entry level dedicated server if you need databases bigger than 100MB and many of them in number i.e. more than 4 or 5. CFM also works very well on a dedicated server since it is a service in itself.

    To cap it all up, if you are going to use just 1 MS-SQL DB and very less CFM, then shared hosting will still suit you. If you are going to use more, go in for an entry level windows dedicated server

    Best of Luck! Cheers!

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    Dedicated servers are basically dedicated to your own needs and wants. Its not being shared by anyone else. This gives you the liberty to have full control over your server. You can use it according to your ease and can install any software you please. In shared hosting you have to share your servers with other people as well as you share your resources and doesn't have full control as well.

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    Dedicated server is you own the whole server to ypurself. Shared is whereby you share the whole server with few hundred, even thousands of ppeople.

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    Website hosting is best.....................................

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