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Thread: Anybody hosting their sites on VPS?

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    Anybody hosting their sites on VPS?

    I've used a few companies recently, and had mixed results. I didn't see much marketing of VPS in Malaysia - is it popular?

    I tried VPSVille first, they use Open VZ/Virtuozzo for their VPSes, so they're blazing fast. It's not a 'pure' virtual server though, so some kinds of software might suffer from compatibility problems. My Java applications wouldn't even start on their smaller VPSes - an issue due to Open VZ.

    I had a site on a VPS from VPSLink in Seattle too. That worked a treat (they use Xen for their VPSes - it's slightly slower virtualisation, but is more 'pure' so less software compatibility issues), their control panel is pretty good for setting up your VPS and DNS records. Their support was superb, very fast, very expert. Latency from Malaysia is a bit of an issue if you want to work on the host using the command line. It didn't seem to have much spare 'oomph' when it came to doing image processing on the server. I was using their minimal 64MB VPS, so maybe you'd get better performance out of a larger VPS.

    I've recently got a Xen-based VPS from XenSmart in the UK. It was complete pain in the backside at first because TM seemed to be routing traffic to it via the US - nearly a 500ms ping! TM support were pretty responsive (for them, long latency on responses, and I had to work hard for my resolution) and ping is now a more respectable 210ms. XenSmart give you a VPS 5 minutes after paying, which is pretty impressive. They have a wider range of OSes than some of the other hosts too - I get to use Slackware there. What's great about the XenSmart server is that image processing flies (you get a 4-CPU VPS). What might not be to everyone's taste is that you get no control panel, no DNS, nothing. When they say 'unmanaged' they really mean it! Still, at 5 pounds per month, what do you expect?

    I hope that's useful / interesting for you if you're torn between shared and dedicated hosting - a VPS might suit your needs.

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    Great posting you have here.
    VPS is not too popular in Malaysia because most of the users are only hosting basic websites and does not need any special requirements, unlike your scenario.
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