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Thread: Get a reliable web host

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    Get a reliable web host

    Getting a reliable web host is extremely
    important to running your business for a
    multitude of reasons.

    One of the most important reasons is because
    you need to have good service from the people
    supporting your business. They can perform a
    number of different and interesting tasks for
    you. For example, if you need a small program
    that does something special for your business
    you can hire your web hosting company to
    create that program and get them to install it on
    your system for a very reasonable fee.

    Your web host should provide you with good
    security. They should have all the big security
    issues worked out so that people can't hack into
    your website and do nasty things to your
    information. You cannot imagine how easy it is
    for someone to hack into systems and destroy
    your stuff or get confidential information… you
    want a host that knows how to protect their
    system… someone who is completely on top of
    all the things that hackers can do.

    Getting reliable connection time to all your
    customers is extremely important. If you have
    a web host that has poor connectivity to the
    Internet you have a problem in getting reliable
    connection times. Your customers maybe have
    to wait 30 seconds for a page to load one time
    and then only a few seconds for that same page
    to load another time. And of course the biggest
    problem is that people don't wait for long
    download times. Your web host has to download

    A really important factor is to make sure your
    web host has a connection to the East Coast
    backbone and the West Coast backbone. Most
    web hosts don't have this. What often happens
    is a fiber optics cable gets cut on the West Coast
    which means that all web sites and web hosts on
    the West Coast of the continent go down. The
    East Coast is fully operational. So people from
    the East Coast can't reach your West Coast
    website, they can only reach East Coast
    websites. And vice versa. So in order to make
    sure you have continuity of service, what you
    need is a backbone to both the East Coast and
    the West Coast through your web host.
    They should have a minimum of a T1 going to
    both East Coast and West Coast backbones. And
    you have to make sure they are truly going to
    each of the backbones because it can get very
    confusing as to who is connected to what.
    We've been involved with a couple of hosts in the
    past who have said they had a separate
    connection to both the East and West Coasts.
    What they didn't know was that their East Coast
    host was actually their upstream West Coast
    Host. So when the West Coast went down, their
    entire network went down… because their East
    Coast connection was routed though a West
    Coast provider. I know it's a bit confusing but
    bear with me… the bottom line is that it's
    important for your website host to have separate
    connections to the main backbones in both the
    East Coast and the West Coast.

    Having this capability means that if for some
    reason your West Coast connection goes down,
    all the people on the East Cost can still access
    you because you are also connected to the East
    Coast backbone.
    It is really important to have this capability.
    Don't get fooled by all the FREE web hosting
    there is out there. There are a couple of
    problems with free web hosting:

    To be continue...

    Artical from:
    Derek Ghel

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    nice informaltion,thanks for sharing with us

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