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Thread: Exabytes restriction on email sending. How to overcome?

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    Exabytes restriction on email sending. How to overcome?

    I am currently having my hosting service at exabytes. However, they are using a shared hosting environment. That's why I have some bad experience to send my company's newsletter. The restriction that exabytes impose is we cannot send more than 30 emails in 10 seconds. But I don't know how to overcome the problem. The reason is because when I send email using SMTP server to my clients, I will definitely send more than 30 emails in 10 seconds. In fact, I will send 300 mails in a single click. So, if the hosting provider is having such kind of restriction, I cannot run my email marketing effectively. Please advise if you had similar experience in sending newsletter.

    I heard my friends said that I could consider a private email hosting and etc. Do you all have any recommendation?

    Thanks a lot

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    Assuming that the email list is in the database table, retrieve the list and then while sending the list via SMTP in the loop, set a time delay for interval, for example, 0.04 second.

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    Most email marketing software (like Sendstudio) will have the ability to send an amount of email in a time interval, through cronjob. This should solve your problem.


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