well, do you wanna know how to get pr 6 for your blog?

Now, many people asked how i did this, if i simply posted the information, i figured the method would be filled with spammy sites, and we'd soon see rel="nofollow" or more moderation on this technique, which clearly works as it is, so as a result i have written this 4 page ebook, which in nutshell tells you how to quickly get backlinks of PR9, PR8, and many many PR6. Much of which will last for over 60 days, some for over 200.

Now here's some proof that it does work:
ListBook.net List Book <- states when the domain was registered
http://www.digpagerank.com/index.php...book.net&dc=18 <- shows the current PR.

This is entirely whitehat, and what's more free. I will be honest, it is nothing completely new, but obviously, this ebook goes into some detail, and the results are highlighted above.

The ebook costs only RM20, resell rights are RM50.
I have the reseller right and i try it already, so wanna help you solve the problem too. For the first 5 copies (no resell rights) are only RM10, if you PM me first.

Payment only public bank and maybank.