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Thread: Free and True Multi-sites Monitoring Service

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    Talking Free and True Multi-sites Monitoring Service

    True Multi-sites Monitoring Service

    Our multi-sites are physically located in different locations which provide you the assurance that if any monitoring site is down, we are still up and running to monitor your service.

    Monitoring Service

    Currently, we monitor the well-known port services that are widely used by the hosting community. The following are the monitoring service we supported: CPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, Webmin, Ensim, SMTP, HTTP, IMAP, MySql POP3, HTTPS, FTP control, SMTPS and LDAP.

    SMS notification Service

    SMS notifications are purchased by prepaid credit. Yes, you are right, you do not need to pay monthly membership to receive SMS notification and the number of SMS notification that you received is not limited by your membership but by number of credit you have.

    We also have multiple SMS gateway that we use to send notification which means that we donít have single point of failure in SMS notification too.

    Signup now, go to
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