Hi all,

U like to invest in real estate? got money to buy the house/land but no money for legal fees, transfer, and other land office related transaction?

Do u know that land registration and other land office, stamp office stuff can be done by yourself instead of using lawyers.

Why not do all the land office transaction by yourself..or if you have no idea about the land office procedures, let us do it for you..

We offer land office and stamp office related transaction services.
We only charge for transportation fees, no legal fees as we are not advocates and solicitors. We will handle all your land office matters from scratch and we will even tell you how to do it so that next time, you can save more money on legal transaction for land/stamp office related matters.
For more info, you can call me, Linda at 016-265 3664 or email me at info@mykhidmat.com

Services included:
Transfer of names
Application for consent
FIC consent
Registration/PRivate Caveat
CKHT/Real Property Gains Tax

Other services:
Despatch services
Management Services
Accounting services