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Thread: Cari duit utk bayar hosting?

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    Cari duit utk bayar hosting?


    Yes! This is interesting program. All from friend to friend, no gateway person through CASHBOX. Some of our member receive up to RM 100 per day. Maybe this can help you..! No matter you join after or before, you still have chance once upliners comeback to join under downliners at every 3 months, because it's compulsory to cashboxclub members if they want to continue or their ID will be deleted. This is money cycle, NOT SCAM AND NOT PYRAMID SCHEME!

    What is Cashbox?

    Cashbox not receive any deposit, not sale any products, not require membership fee and it's money cycle from cashbox member to you!.

    Cashbox is NOT quick rich scheme

    Because cashbox never deliver a millionaire..!

    How It Works?

    1. You make payment to 4 upliners as below

    2. Register yourself and get your own website, please send email about all bank-in transaction details to

    all upliners and please CC to

    3. Your name will be at first line to receive RM 12

    4. After you have direct downliners, your name will be at 2nd line to receive RM 9

    5. After you have 2nd level downliners, your name will be at 3rd line to receive RM 6

    6. After you have 3rd level downliners, your name will be at 4th line to receive RM 3

    7. Your name will be out from list after 4th level downliners register under your 3rd level downliners.

    8. You need to comeback every 3 months to join at any 3rd level downliners leg or your ID will be deleted

    whether your have success or not. So you task now is to promote..promote..and promote without SPAM!

    What Is The Potential ?

    1 X 20 Legs X 12 = RM 240

    20 X 20 Legs X 9 = RM 3,600

    400 X 20 Legs X 6 = RM 48,000

    8000 X 20 Legs X 3 = RM 480,000

    Total : RM 531,840

    You can success within 3 months if you can, because Malaysia have 25 million people, so you only need 0.0064% to success! and please come back to help other people at every 3 months, so other people can also feel the success!


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    mestikah aku klik?

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    kat dah ada byk post psl cashbox ni kat sini plak..

    tah..mcm tak caya lak dgn yg try je la kan..mana tau leh jadi kaya personal opinion aku jer

    jgn marah yer flyguyz
    Affordable Virtual Office Provider
    Business Address From RM20 per month

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    it all depends on u .. if u get fooled and cheated don't blame the ad .... it's because of u .....

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    Originally posted by ardiles
    mestikah aku klik?
    ada dua jawapan.... :

    1) Mesti klik dengan TMNet!

    2) Kliklah... Kalau tidak, kau akan menyessalll.....

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    <select name="menu" onChange="[].value;" style="border:1px #393F31 solid;color:#393F31;font:10px Verdana;font-weight:bold;" >
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    <option value="" style="background: #FF0000">GENGTURBO</option>
    <option value="" target="new" style="background: #C6D607">PHIXELGRAFIX</option>
    <option value="" style="background: #FCBC45">OLD-BLOG</option>
    <option value="" style="background: #FF99CC">WEBHOSTING</option>

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