DDoS attack can take offline your business at the most undesirable and inconvenient moments. The attack itself means the enormous amount of junk traffic to a web server aiming to exhaust its resources. Finally, the website is slowed down to the limit or goes dark till the end of an attack. DDoS attacks have dramatically increased in 2012 and became a serious threat that webmasters need to prepare for. The most common victims of DDoS attacks are e-commerce websites in competitive niches. This is where the down time means a big dollars lost. Therefore, only reliable DDoS protection service guarantees your business running 24/7.

Stop-DDoS.net is a working and cost-effective solution against any types of DDoS. Using the service, you will assure your website running smooth and fast at a time of attack just as if nothing had happened. Stop-DDoS.net specialists react instantly helping to recover the website within the shortest possible period of time. Whether your website is already under an attack or you're aiming to prevent DDoS for a high risk niche project, Stop-DDoS.net is your premium class DDoS protection shield.

At Stop-DDoS.net you can benefit from 24 hours free trial, hence no payments are required until your website is up and running normally again. Stop-DDoS.net offers the advantageous affiliate program for hosting company owners. You have a perfect chance to expand your service providing professional DDoS protected hosting to customers and get 25% commission on every successful deal.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further details. Our specialists will help you choose the optimal protection level for your project. You can reach us at support@stop-ddos.net or via Skype - stop-ddos.net. The answers to frequently asked questions can be found on our official website Stop-DDoS.net.