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Thread: Some Do It Yourself Tips To Increase Traffic

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    Some Do It Yourself Tips To Increase Traffic

    Information revolution has truly opened up doorways to thousands of possibilities. Because Internet is there for almost everyone living in this planet, a lot of “Do It Yourself for this and that….” keeps on surfacing everywhere.

    Such a phrase applies for Internet marketing techniques as well. Many are typing in search engines, this top keyword phrase “do it yourself tips in increasing web traffic”.

    Well, you would not be disappointed at all for numerous resources are available for you. All you need is just the time and the patience to learn and then of course a zealous interest to complete the tasks recommended for your own website.

    Most likely on this quest, you will first find out all about SEO (search engine optimization) and its effect on your website’s on line presence. Here are a few proven easy to follow and do it yourself tricks that can help drive traffic to your website.

    Make yourself known. Submit your website to free directories in your categories where your target niche is located. Then make and post as many blogs as you can and write articles that will promote your products and services.

    You can also submit your site to free website reviews and social bookmarking websites that already has existing millions of users logged in everyday.

    Also submitting free helpful tips as well as promotional articles to article base directory such as ezine articles is a sure way to increase your web presence.

    The goal is to send as many links to various websites out there so you get to have many referral links that directs any prospect customer to your website. Hence, posting even in Wikipedia with your website link on it, is already a good way to start.

    Create how-to videos and post them on videos ending with your product, services and URL or link and not forgetting to add keywords to them so you get to hook in your targeted audience.

    Try answering yahoo answers that relates to your website’s products and services. You would be surprise as to how much traffic you can actually draw in by just helping and answering questions from many people out there.

    Get into forums and join conversations related to your targeted niche. Of course be prudent and do not just aimlessly post your URL out of nowhere just to gain traffic or else you might end up being blocked by their administrators.

    Make use of available plug-ins from social bookmarking site where anybody has the ability to recommend your website’s product and services to their own sites.

    Be aggressive in finding and using keywords that most people are currently using to find things in the Internet. There are several plug-in that can help you with keyword searching, why not try it.

    You can also use free advertising tools and websites that can help promote your business.

    All these are just few of the many other techniques out there. You can always search for more; your resources are limitless if you have the internet.

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