For a webmaster quality link building is an objective knowing that more links are the important ways to get high page rankings in the search engines. The better or the higher value that link is the greater also will be the possibility to get this high page rank which is the highest in objectives.

To a webmaster also, higher link building schemes have tendencies also of not working because the search engines will quickly stop these schemes or may be quickly labeled as spam. If you have to do link building it has to be the ethical ways in order for this method not to be stopped.

The search engines will only allow exchange of links only with high quality websites. Thus if a link exchange network or link building calculator is created it has to be with the quality and reputable websites only.

The total website link value then has to be known to know also to its linking value or how it will affect the ranking of that site with the link it gives to that particular site. The total value of that linking website can be calculated or estimated from the following data.

  • The global linking popularity of that website is taken into considerations. If that site has more links then the better for the site because it will be recognized as popular.
  • The age of the site also is a key factor as we know that Google takes into consideration the age of the site. The older the site is the better because Google will see that site as being the credible one, having survived for years.
  • The search engine raking of that site for the particular keyword is also a factor. Higher ranking websites can be considered as the credible and reputable sites and the top ranks are the main reasons for them being labeled this way.
  • The link popularity of that site also has an effect in a calculating the value of that linking site. It will be considered popular if it receives a fair amount of links especially if these are coming also from quality websites.
  • The amount of contents that this website has will also be a factor. If a website has a number of contents then it can be considered a somewhat quality site and not a static one and this will have an effect on the link value it will create.
  • The website traffic coming to this site is also a factor. If this particular site receives a fair traffic amount then the site must be worth linking to and link value will increase.

The link popularity of the site linked to is a factor to consider also in determining the value of the link. If that site has a high number of links then it is a quality site with good link value.