Google has now entered the social networking platform with a new strategy although it had a social network already that has not taken off from where it was launched before. Google Plus is this new social networking platform although this is only an "invite only" function although in the social network side it can still be hard to say whether it can compete with Facebook. The social networking capabilities of people remain hard to predict with psyche of people wanting on an atmosphere that is solely what they want.

Facebook, being the most successful social networking site in the internet these days makes it the object of direct competition by Google. The growth of this social networking site is so phenomenal and so solid that other networks also want to get into its success numbers.

Although Google is still the largest search engine worldwide it is affected by the growth of Facebook and its Facebook ads after this social network started its ad program. It can be said that Google's main revenues com from its aid program and anything directly competing with it can considered a threat.

The threat can come from the other ways of targeting people with Facebook ads and that way of targeting come from the demographic profiles of people. This can be the more targeted way as some marketers and advertisers are saying.

There are differences in Google Plus and Facebook likes and one can readily distinguish these things. Some of these are the following:
  • With Google Plus it will allow you to pick and choose who can see you content. This function can be a lot like Facebook with its wall and group functions.
  • With Google Plus you ca have a lot more of sharing space. Facebook will limit your individual wall posts to a maximum of 420 characters.
  • With Google plus you can mingle face to face with people you want to hang out with. With your web camera and microphone you can chat with people in real time.
  • With Google Plus you can have a way to filter the contents only you want to see. With the "streams" list you will only hear those contents you want to hear or see only those you want to see.
It can be seen that Google Plus will play an important role in social marketing in the future. Whether Google Plus can be better than Facebook or not, only time will tell.