I love stats and by far my favorite stats to look at, study, and most importantly get better at are my email marketing conversion rates. Getting better at this means instantly more money in your pocket without any added traffic, a bigger list or buying advertising. Here are five different tips for you that will help you get more of your subscribers to open your emails, click on the links in them and most importantly take you up on the offers you’re presenting to them.

Stay On Topic
Make sure your email messages are what your customers are expecting. If they signed up for marketing tips, don’t start sending them offers for the latest diet, no matter how good it is. Sure, this is an extreme example but you get the idea. Stay on topic with both the free content you send them and an offers you mail about.

Use Good Copy In Your Subject Line
What makes me decide if I’m going to open an email or not is the subject line. When I craft a message to my list, I spent more time writing the subject line than the whole rest of the email. Yes, it’s that important. Use all your mad copy writing skills here and keep a swipe file of good subject lines you’ve seen in your own inbox.

Don’t Let Your List Go Stale
You’ve put a lot of effort into building your list. Don’t allow it to go stale. Send them some fresh content, a quick tip, a pdf or even just a link to something interesting on your blog. Don’t go for more than 2 weeks without emailing your list. Ideally you want to make sure you email them something once a week. Otherwise, they’ll forget about you and all the rapport you’ve build with them so far will go out the window.

Add Some Branding
Make it easy to recognize that the email is coming from you. You can do this by including your website name in the “From” email field. Another thing I like to do is choose a short acronym for your list, website or business. For example, whenever I email my list at AffiliateTreasureChest.com, I start the subject line with [ATC].

Share What’s Coming
I learned this particular tip from TV. Think about the end of your favorite TV show… what get’s you all excited about the next episode? The preview, especially if the messages are a bit cryptic and raise curiosity. Do the same thing with your list by hinting at what’s coming and asking them to “keep an eye out” for an important email from you next Thursday.