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Thread: What Is the Use Of Blog Commenting for SEO?

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    What Is the Use Of Blog Commenting for SEO?

    Blogging along with other strategies like using social networking sites and such have grown in popularity and is likely to dominate the scene in online marketing. People still however wonder what the use is of actions like blog commenting for Search Engine Optimization.

    First you should understand what transpires in blogging and blog commenting in the blogging world in order to understand its use or purpose. Most people use blog commenting if they intend to create a more interactive atmosphere within their blog site as this serves as a good means of communication between you and your visitors or readers.

    You will find that in the blogging world, people with similar niche or topic with yours are most likely to create a way to involve their selves with your post. Say for example, they have particular questions or points to raise that can be of relevance to what you are blogging they are inclined to do blog commenting through the process of leaving messages – and so the start of a conversation with you.

    You need to understand that blog commenting is one way for gathering links and backlinks where it is even advisable that you also do blog commenting to better your SEO. Note that if you are interested to maximize your SEO potential through blog commenting, you should do your blog commenting on blogs and topics that are truly relevant to your blog.

    If you ask about the importance of blog commenting on Search Engine Optimization, the answer is undeniable “yes, it is essential”. This is what sets the blog’s characteristic of being a dynamic site apart from it being an old drub of a website.

    People who become active in a particular post discussion have the power to build the popularity of their site which in effect is very good for SEO. It can be likened to our activities in real life where we only get our share of fame if we go the extra mile and earn new friends or make better already existing ones through the method of conversing naturally.

    By practicing blog commenting you will be able to gather a good amount of traffic and consequently have yourself backlinks, and all these you owe to creating a conversation naturally through blogs. However, be cautious about your posts as well if you are the one commenting you should make sure that it gets good impression and in turn, approval from bloggers.

    Finally, it always pays to never spam when you are blog commenting because this sort of action will not be left unnoticed by search engines and you will be likely to get banned. Remember that blog commenting is used for gaining positive results in your quest for SEO for your site and therefore you should use it wisely and accordingly.

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    awesome article.thanks for sharing.

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