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Thread: A General Overview For Google SEO

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    A General Overview For Google SEO

    Due to the technology of today people can have their web business get the success even if they are only new to the business or only a small time business owner. With the internet and the search engines, a small web business owner can be at par with the big businesses around. Small businesses can have all the opportunities on getting the quality traffic to their website, courtesy of the top placements in the search results pages where many people can have a good view of their website. This is courtesy of the search engine Google and the SEO strategies implemented to get these high placements.

    Search engine optimization can be successful if on page optimization is done to the site, like making all adjustments needed on the webpage content to get the high rank possible. Getting this rank is also needed for links to be created, and strategies to get the links can be one of the things enumerates.

    • Ask for them, and this can be through posting comments or linking to other relevant sites and requesting them. This is a hard thing to do and quite impossible to think but you may still be lucky and get the links.
    • If you submit your site to the relevant directories you can get one way links from this method. If you have articles and submit these to the article directories you can have one way links, especially if you submit to RSS feeds for syndication.
    • Utilize forums and you can get probable links from forum members. Finding the appropriate forum in your market will be a good strategy for SEO and you can get the relevant links from these people.
    • Use blogs in getting the links. Creating quality blogs and submitting these to the popular blog platforms in the net can bring you plenty of these links needed for your SEO ranking objectives.
    • The social media can be used also to get plenty of link possibilities because of its high popularity. Get an account with these social sites and you can have these link possibilities.

    In SEO with Google the kind of links is given more importance in the site ranking process. Links coming only from the relevant and high ranked sites can get you the high rank that you desire. Do not go for buying links because this may not get you the success of your search engine optimization ranking efforts, and these links may not be the relevant links, at all. It can be better if you go only for the relevant links, those from the reputable sites because in Google SEO the quality of the links can be more effective than the quality of these links.

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    So technically or actual practice how to achieve good page ranking in search engines or google in a short time ? Is it having a fix formula ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by einsamsoldat View Post
    So technically or actual practice how to achieve good page ranking in search engines or google in a short time ? Is it having a fix formula ?
    The principle to get good ranking in Google is similar to how we make popular to our-self. The more people get to know you, the most popular you are. When more and more website promote your site or link back to your site, you get better ranking.
    How to do it?

    1. Submit your website to web difrectory to Joe Ant, Dmoz
    2. Bookmark your site to digg, redditt...
    3. create bing map, google map
    4. comment blog, forum.
    5. Ping O metric

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