Google Adwords is a powerful advertising method that a web marketer can use and with the efficient use of this strategy they can attain the success for their web business. Google Adwords may be the biggest pay per click advertising method on the web and taking advantage of this advertising method may just be better for their business.

However, despite this popularity and proven success attested to by many web marketers some are still making no progress of their business. Return on investments is the gauge of this advertising method and getting the more returns even when substantial investments on ads are made will be the best for your business.

Marketers who are not getting the success of their Google Adwords ad campaign may be doing something wrong with their advertising methods. Some common mistakes done on this advertising method are the following:

- The non-usage of the appropriate and targeted keywords. This is the single biggest mistake because the keywords define your goals, and not having these targeted keywords will just derail your advertising campaign with Google Adwords.
- The non-usage of keywords in the ad title and ad copy. You may have a brilliantly made ad copy and compelling enough to attract people but if you lack the keywords in the title and copy it will not bring relevance to your prospective customers.
- Non-optimizing your ads may not get the success that you aim for your ads. The keywords are your optimizing factors and utilize these to the most in your descriptions, titles, and ad body.
- Split tests your ads and you may just get the better result of one campaign. Limiting your strategy with just a single ad campaign, you will not have a gauge of which campaign may be better.
- Having your ad campaign in only one ad group may be a mistake. It may be better if you make multiple ads in different ad groups and you can measure which ad campaign is performing well.
- If you do not monitor and track your ad campaign with Google Adwords, it will be a considerable mistake on your side. Tracking and monitoring your campaign will you data on whether you are performing or not.
- Leading your customers to your homepage may be a disaster on your campaign. When a prospect clicks on your ad they will not have a complete idea of what they can expect and leading them to a landing page with complete information may be better.

For sure these are not the only mistakes that a web marketer can do in the implementation of their ad campaign with Google Adwords. If you can share your observations here, it may be a good information that can be shared with others.