Internet marketing is the practice of promoting services or products online. The practice has become a very important tool for many companies and individuals. Internet marketing helps marketers stay abreast of their customer’s behavior and find out which strategies work best on them.

There are many methods of Internet marketing have progressed since marketers took the step to move from traditional media to the Internet. Among the more effective Internet marketing strategies are:

1. Banner Advertising – Most Internet entrepreneurs market their products by using banner advertisements. These are the rectangular-shaped ads that appear on the top of the web page. The problem with banner ads is that a lot of people consider them as distractions.

2. Pay Per Click Advertising – This strategy is dependent on the keywords that people enter into their favorite search engines. The ads are displayed as part of the list of search results but are labeled as sponsored searches. These ads generate income for the search engines each time they are clicked. The ads are designed to be shown only to those people who make up the target market. This is what makes it efficient and popular.

3. Search Engine Marketing – This method of Internet marketing is meant for increasing traffic to a site by making it optimized of search engines. It involves improving the design, content and other features of the website in order for it to rank higher with search engines.

4. E-mail Marketing – E-mail marketing has been a long established effective method of marketing services and products. It is also a good method of keeping in touch with prospective customers. It makes use of the subscriber mailing list which is probably the most essential tool in internet marketing.

5. Blog Marketing – This is a method wherein blogs and bloggers make mention of the product or service in their posts. As blogs tend to speak directly to people, they are able to provide the buzz for a product or service. The key is using blogs that are in a niche related to the service or product being marketed.

6. Article Marketing – This method makes use of articles being published in numerous article directories across the web. The articles are about the product or service being sold.