The title tag is one of the most important elements of a web page and in on-page optimization for SEO of a website. Although there are lots of elements in page content that can rank your site well for the keywords you used, the title tag remains very important for the following reasons:

- The title tag is given much importance by the search engines for SEO of your website. Good titles can help your website rank high in the results pages.
- The title tag can act as an anchor text of your contents. This can help in your listings in the search engines results pages.
- The title tag can act as your means to get the attention of viewers to your contents. Attractive titles will make viewers want to see your contents, thus can be counted as one of your prospective customers.

The title tag, to achieve its purpose in SEO, should include the web page's most important phrases for easy indexing by the search engines. By doing this strategy it can have an effect on users who are searching for your keywords, and in so doing they may be motivated to click on your site.

It will become more powerful when your optimized keywords are included in the phrase. Including your company name in the title may not be the ideal strategy except when your company name includes the relevant keyword, but if it doesn’t the keywords will just be enough to entice prospects.

Therefore, when you want to create your titles, what are the things that you have to do to come up with the right title tags? These can be the following:

- First you have to decide on what the appropriate keywords will be for your web page. You can opt to have a keyword tool to help you in this regard.
- Then, after you have chosen your keywords or phrases include these in the title that you have to create. This strategy will be picked up by the search engines, in listing your web page in the results pages, and also by the users who are searching on your keywords.
- And you have to think of creating your title such that it will have an enticing effect on users. People who are searching for your keywords will be motivated to click on your site when they feel that your title tag has an appealing effect.

The key in giving your title tags, the thing to make it more powerful, is to try your very best to make it keyword rich. This should be done especially if your keyword is very competitive and you are choosing the longer keyword phrase, for more value to the search engine.