We do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to heighten the ranking of our blogs or websites either by using popular techniques or some other advanced techniques or using some advanced programming skills putting in regard the behavior of certain search engines. Doing so in an extensive way will either put your site to rank 1 or it could also be a reason for your article to be flagged or your site to be banned.

There are number of things to consider and starting with your web layout, make sure it is not overly designed or full of useless graphics or images for it will not only cause your site to load slower, but it can also cause your readers to get annoyed or distracted. Web crawlers and certain programs used in search engines will understand text files only and using unnecessary images will only cause unwanted effects without any benefit to the targeted ranking in search engines.

Another point to consider is the use of keywords and phrase on your article or website or blog. Overuse of such keywords will cause search engines to consider your article a spam and may even cause the same to be blocked and be less visited by readers either by ranking low in searches or by being flagged.

Adding more tags and useless words just to try and hit popular words or phrases of what people would probably input or type in their search boxes would also seem useless for most search engines nowadays will just ignore such words or some better known Meta tags. So again, put much regard on the quality of the content of your article or website rather than just concentrating with the top searches but having useless content to attract more readers or visitors and more recommendations.

Putting too much multimedia on your page will also cause the same to be unappealing to the readers. So putting this into consideration, it is wise to choose only the best pictures and videos on your website that will better compliment the content of your site which is really first thing why people would search for such.

We may also consider the number of links we put in our sites when we write its content and although the more links you put will give the higher are the possibilities of being clicked, users may tend to ignore them instead for your site will look too complicated. Adding quality links which will be clicked more often is better than flooding your site with useless links that is rarely clicked or visited.

All these important facts but not limited to, should always be put in mind and to always prioritize quality over quantity or density. This will not only top-rank your site in search engines but will be loved by your website visitors and will be revisited more often.