Course Synopsis

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 is a powerful tool you can use to create and format spreadsheets, and analyze and share information to make more informed decisions. The new data analysis and visualization tools can also help in analyzing information, spot trends, and access your company information more easily.
This course will enable the participants to extract data from any 3rd party data provider or database and Internet for analysis utilizing advanced tools found in Excel 2007. Participants will also learn to use all the helpful analysis tools to manipulate data, create and generate reports.


Able to Import data from external source or 3rd Party application / database and Internet, analyze data using advanced tools and IF tools.

1) Foundation skills in utilizing & managing Microsoft Windows XP/Vista
2) Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office Excel 2007 (i.e. creating Excel workbook, keying in data, and using formulas)

Upon completion

Participant should able to extract data from any 3rd party data provider/database and Internet for analysis. Participant will learn to use all the advanced tools to manipulate data and create reports in Microsoft Excel.

Course Outline
-Importing Data from External Sources
Using Database Terminology
Importing Data into Excel

-Importing Text Files
Importing text files into Excel
Importing text using the Text Import Wizard
Refreshing data from imported text files

-Using Microsoft Query
Adding a Data Source
Creating a Query
Querying Data from the Web
Using Web Queries
Accessing the New Web Query dialog box
Creating a new Web Query
Saving a Web Query
Setting Web Query options
Running a saved Web Query
Refreshing a Web Query

-Refreshing Data
Refreshing external data without losing the formatting
Refreshing external data automatically

-Analyzing Data
What-If Analysis
Using What-If Analysis

-Goal Seek
Using Goal Seek
Applying Goal Seek

-Data Tables
Using Data Tables
Creating a one-variable Data Table
Creating a two-variable Data Table
Speeding up calculations with Data Tables

-Scenario Manager
Using Scenario Manager
Adding a Scenario
Showing a Scenario
Deleting a Scenario
Editing an existing Scenario
Summarizing Scenarios

Using Solver
Installing Solver
Applying Solver
Changing a Constraint
Deleting a Constraint

-Using Pivot Tables
Understanding Pivot Tables
Creating Pivot Tables
Dropping data into Pivot Tables
Modifying data and refreshing Pivot Tables
Grouping data within Pivot Tables

-If Analysis
Simple-IF Function
Nested-IF Function
Combined Logical Functions with IF (AND, OR, NOT)

Course Title : Data Extraction Analysis
Date: (available upon request)
Duration : 1 day
Course Fees : RM500.00
Venue : Guidance View Sdn Training Centre, Mid Valley City

for registration, Please send your name, contact no to or u can call me, Syarina at 03-29387887.