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I have personally been doing freelance seo work for a while now and the main step I have found to be the most time consuming is LinkBuilding. You know what they say, "10 niche related backlinks are better than 100 non relevant backlinks anyday of the week." Well its very true and if you just try you will see! As far as the rest or seo work goes its pretty simplified (from my point of view anyways). With that said I have actually found the perfect solution, "LINK NABBER!"

Link Nabber is very smart, it spiders all the search engine results for any given search term and any chosen search engine (google, Yahoo or MSN - and all the regional variants). Within each site in the SERPS for that search term, it finds any email addresses or contact pages very quickly. So there result is that you can generate databases or documents with 1000s of websites, email addresses, contact page links, Pagerank information, outbound links and inbound links. All neatly organised into tables so that instead of trawling through the search engine results, you can find thousands of these results with one click. You enter a search term that you are working on ranking for, e.g. "Dog Accessories", then the software goes through Google, Yahoo or MSN (whichever country domain you want) and finds hundreds or thousands of emails and contact pages for pages that rank for those search terms.

So basically it creates targetted reports containing contact info for the most relevant sites for any given keyphrase. I've had a lot of success in SEO by doing this manually, basically searching for hours through Google and Yahoo to find the most important sites for my keywords, then acquiring links by spending ages finding email addresses or contact pages on each page. Our new software can do all that in minutes for as many different keywords as you want.

Obviously this is extremely powerful tool for SEO, as it allows you to target thousands of sites that are going to pass the most link juice back to your site, as they are all ranked for the search term you searched for.

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Why Our Link Building Software?

> Find THE most relevant link partners possible for your niche.
> Get details Pagerank, inbound link and outbound link information on link partners.
> Generate easy to use reports listing hundreds or even thousands of link partners.
> Save hundreds of hours of tedious link building tasks - automate it!
> Finds email addresses as well as contact pages, so for sites that don't have email addresses, LinkNabber intelligently discovers their contact forms!
> Don't just stick to one niche. Combine as many search terms as you want into your reports.

Don't waste any more time, buy LinkNabber today!

Questions & FAQ:

Q. What can LinkNabber do for my SEO and link building?
A. LinkNabber can supercharge your link building efficiency and success rate. LinkNabber allows you to target the most relevant sites, by using Google, Yahoo and MSN's indexes, LinkNabber can find email addresses and contact pages for you to get in touch with potential link partners. Saving you hundreds of hours of time and pushing your sites up the rankings to the all important #1 spot for your desired search terms.

Q. How many results can I generate using LinkNabber?
A. LinkNabber can analyse up to 1000 results at a time. However, once one query is finished, or stopped, you can enter another search query which will be part of the same link building report. You can repeat this process as many times as needed to generate large targetted reports for your keyword lists.

Q. Can I generate reports for multiple search terms?
A. Yes, it's easy. You just enter a search term, collect as many email addresses, contact pages and other useful SEO info that you need, then press STOP when you have enough and enter your next search term. When you export your report to an HTML file or spreadsheet the data from all the search terms you used will be there.

Q. What formats can I export my reports to?
A. You can generate reports in easy to view HTML reports, XLS spreadsheetsor a CSV spreadhseet.

Q. What about spam? Can I use LinkNabber to spam potential link partners?
A. No. LinkNabber is a tool that allows SEO professionals and business owners to quickly collect contact information of sites that are directly related to their business.

Q. What other uses does LinkNabber have? Is it only for SEO and link building?
A. LinkNabber can be used in many different ways. Anything that requires repetitive research online to find contact details, LinkNabber is perfect for. For example, if you wanted to contact lawyers in NYC, type in -Lawyer NYC- into LinkNabber and the software will generate a report of email addresses and contact pages of New York lawyers.

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