* Hosted SmartASP Ad Management Software AVAILABLE *

Web URL: http://www.smartasp.net

Exa-Bytes Network has partnered with iPace Computing to develope a robust Web Based Advertising Management Software - SmartASP Ad! Currently we are offering FREE downloads of 30 Days Evaluation Copy.

Application and Configuration Requirements:
- Any Windows Operating System ( Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP ) .
- Micorosft IIS 3.0 and above
- Microsoft SQL Server Database ( Professional Edition only ).

More Supported Features:
- Administrators are allow to create infinite banner groups with different ad size. They are allow to choose pre-define ad size from a ad size list (standard ad size) or define their custom ad size as well.
- After create a Text Ad type campaign, administrators are allow to customize it's color according to their advertisers' favors.
- Administrators can create this type of advertisement campaign for their advertiser when they are requested to open their advertisers' ad-link automatically as new pop-window when their web pages is loading. They can control how the pop-window displayed by simply check and un-check few window feature list's checkboxes.
- Secure Sockets Layer ( SSL ) supported. Administrators can enable this feature with just a simple mouse click.
- 24/7 online support.
- Infinite campaigns, groups and categories can be created with just two to three simple steps.
- All campaigns, groups and categories are editable at anytime in anywhere.
- Multiple campaign ads can be created for a single campaign. All campaign ads can hold different values and displayed rotationally according to pre-defined, preset-default or user defined priorities.
- User friendly interface design and easy to remember process flow.
- Every campaign can join one or more groups with similar ad type at one time.
- Various types of restraint can be set to a single campaign.
- Administrators can control delivery of campaigns by specify the maximum impression, maximum click, starting date, expire date, maximum daily impression, maximum daily click, impression frequency, click frequency, delivery day or delivery hour for their campaigns.
- Crossroad links for easier navigation and higher work performance.
- Group and category filters for quicker campaigns and groups accessing. Filter also been applied when getting all campaigns for an advertiser.
- Updatable administrator and advertisers' password.
- Advertisers are allowed to login and check for their campaign's 24 hours, daily and monthly stats in anytime from anywhere.
- All passwords are encrypted to unreadable string by using a user-defined encryption key. This key can be changed by administrator easily.
- No installation required and no ActiveX component ( *.dll) needed for server-side registration. Every users are trusted and authorized to use this shareware only 30 days for evaluation. Simple configuration needed with guiding provided.
- Administrators may set a default startup page according to the page request frequency.
- Administrators can set default values for all newly created campaigns ad according to its' type.
- Startup tips provided, but can be hidden.
- All Image / Picture type ads can optionally been displayed with pre-defined or user-defined border size.
- Administrators can preset campaign's default weight in group and determine in giving priority to new or old campaigns.
- Disabled default proxy server cache may increase system security. No-cache control can optionally been disabled for faster page accessing and normal browsing results.
- Allow user to serve advertising to any number of website.
- Can activate and deactivate campaign without deleting them.
- Administrator can check for 24 hours, daily and monthly stats for all campaigns.
- Upgradeable and much more...

Web URL: http://www.smartasp.net

Feel free to send your enquiries to info@smartasp.net.

Best regards,

Chan KS