For $35 (Standard Version) or $75 (Super Rewards Version!), you get to make your own facebook gift application
Install ads and earn 100% profit! The price include installation also! Where can you find a cheaper price than this one?
Here is a screenshot of our Facebook Gift Application 11.0 with Super Rewards Enabled!

New Features in v11.0:
- Hyperlinks in newsfeed! Notice new links "Send Gifts" "Received"! You can make your own links and wordings too! Super Rewards Version Exclusive!

- Integration with the latest facebook API platform! Super Rewards Version Exclusive!
- Better layout for locked gifts! Super Rewards Version Exclusive!

- Gifts locked image has been upgraded! Both versions!
- Better message design when a gift is sent! Both versions!

- Top 15 Most Active Users Super Rewards Version Exclusive!
- Add multiple categories under categories! (Try click on "Shapes" in the demo)
- Most up-to-date advanced short story news feed (With like/unlike, comment, image, stream)
- Tab button to add to your profile wall
- Restriction function! Control the age, location, and text allowed!
- Gift application with name of your choice!
- Add your own gifts!
- Your name and profile link right next to your gift application!
- Multiple functions: Send / Received Gifts / Already Sent / Friend Top / World Top / Forum / Invite Friends / Admin (Only viewable by admins!)
- Friend top is a scoreboard which calculates the number of gifts send by your friends! The more, the higher! This also applies to World Top scoreboard.
- Forum, for users to discuss!

- Users may now delete received gifts!
- Ads placement! (In this case, I have used rockyouads, free to sign up!)
- Gifts you created (Support any langauge! In this case, I have used tranditional chinese!)
- Unlockables! (This is managed in the admin panel, you set the number of gifts a user sent in order to unlock new gifts! In my case, I set 500 gifts)
- Add a personal message! (A message that when a user receives it, it will be shown in "received gifts"

- Invite friends table, simply click and send!
- Ads placement! (In this case, I have used lookery at the bottom, free to sign up!)
- Profile tab now movable to "Boxes"

Admin panel
- Ban user
- Add/edit/delete gifts with image URL
- Set unlockables!
- Set required gift dollar for gifts!
- Bulk upload. Add multiple gifts all at once!
- Bulk delete. Delete multiple gifts all at once by their name or image URL!

Live demo: Login | Facebook

Why purchase this?
Because this one you own everything! Don't use those gift creators to create your own gift app. You are helping the programmer to earn a lot more profit. So why don't make your own gift app, and earn 100% profit, and be your own boss! Don't be a fool like others!

Whats the difference?
Scoreboard to keep the users sending gifts! Unlockables! Admin panel can add/remove admin, add/remove gifts, set user titles (e.g. 100 gifts = Santa Claus), like this:

How to pay?
Click on the paypal button below, and once payment is completed, I will send you application as an email attachment.

$75 Paypal checkout for v11.0 Super Rewards Version

$35 Paypal checkout for v11.0 Standard Version