What is the general meaning of manual or how can it be elaborated in simple context? Generally speaking, manuals are small leaflets, which present your customers an inclusive inventory of elements about your products, and set of instructions launch into how to maneuver the mentioned products, appliance, gadget, or device.

There are five major components in designing an effective manual, including outlines, table of contents, headings/subheadings, images, and fonts. Firstly, you should make brief and to the point outlines for your manuals that will capture the attention of your audience. Secondly, add a table of contents, as this will immensely help the people to quickly go through the topic that is of main concern to them. Another good habit in manuals printing is to make use of headings and subheadings. Therefore, you must exercise your creative as well as technical writing skills. Next you must use images for understanding the manuals in a better manner. Last but not least is to use self-explanatory fonts, as these will captivate the attention of general public.

There are some important types of manuals, such as user, service, software, owners, hardware, car, trade, motorcycle, technical, trouble-shooting, operation, test and schematics manuals. These days, stacks of companies are getting advantage from these types of manuals, in order to enhance their business. It mainly includes: IT industries, business tycoons, leather industries, automobiles companies, NGOs, DVDs stores, books stores, etc.

Why do the people like manuals so very much? This is basically because of full color manuals printing scheme that will allow the people to choose their likely colors, such as red, green, blue, pink, black, yellow, orange or whatever they want. Nowadays, masses of companies are offering full color schemes, for their valued customers worldwide. This has brought the companies into a competitive edge. Moreover people have become very smart about their choices. They choose the services of those companies, which fulfill their desires according to the modern day business needs.

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