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Thread: Easier way to become eboss with affordable web hosting package

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    Thumbs up Easier way to become eboss with affordable web hosting package

    Hey guys,

    Economic recession has arrive to us ? What should we do to prevent something bad happen(retrenchment!!) on us ?

    Have you dream of own a web system which help you generate recurrent income?

    Here are your solution. Become an eboss and starting generate your online income at senihost.

    What are we provided?
    1. Most affordable web hosting package on this town with starting from RM100/year only.
    2. Reasonable price for domain register.
    3. Affiliate program which help you to generate more income by referral to your client which are subscription to us.
    4. Provide free consultation for web design.
    5. Instant account activation+30day money back.

    For more information please log on inquiries to



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    Thumbs down Open Letter to Senihost : Attention Mat Nor

    Dear Mat Nor (of Senihost),

    I hope you are the person behind, anyway I must let you know that your services through are very poor (horrible in fact).

    Here are few examples:

    1. Trouble tickets sent was not attended to, other then the automated reply one received when after issuing support requests. There are no more follow-ups after the initial issues. In-fact your account support email i.e. is full and my email bounced. (donít tell me your are running out of disk space already?).

    2. You are not transparent enough in your business i.e. critical information such as authorization codes to transfer domain should be made available to the domain owner or easily provided when requested.

    3. Your system is not reliable, to date your server has been down for 5 days starting from 5th March 09 until today 9th March 09 and no effort had been made to rectify this, but you have the guts to tell all your clients to re-register with your new hosting package because your current hosting is having technical problems and their hosting services e.g. web, emails will be unavailable.

    4. Iíve sent few requests to transfer my domain but you never responded and your listed phone number on your website (012 2925844) is useless, it is not in service at all! And to top it all, I got to know about your hosting services i.e. Senihost through one of your friend, what a shame.

    My advice, if you are thinking of building and running a professional business, do it properly with honesty, dignity and diligence it will take you far in your business and life. I hope you are still young with a lot of room for improvement.

    Last but not least I would like to transfer my domain, please provide me with my authorization codes. You know who I am if you look into your trouble ticket logs.

    Furthermore please be considerate that your system problems are affecting my business operations. I also have family that depended on my business.

    Thank you and please act accordingly ASAP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Senihost View Post
    For more information please log on inquiries to


    Hey, are you sure you are hosting provider?
    Why are you using gmail as your company email instead of using your own company domain?
    are your own server overloaded as well?
    or you are hosting with some other provider and their server is overloaded?

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    most probably they are no experience in provide web host...because of this kind of company it will also affect the other hosting company who also selling cheap but reliable hosting..

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    do you think by getting your packages we can reduce the reccession

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