We have decided to hold a contest at It started on the 18th of January and will end on the 18th of March.

How To Enter
To enter just register an account at The Webmaster Forum and start taking part. You can earn points from posting, making threads and blogging about the contest.

- 2 years free hosting from WebHostingPad
- 2X 1 year subscritions to GoStats
- One months free hosting plus a free domain name from HappyStar
- 3 Month 125X125 Sidebar Ad Slot on
- 3 single theme packages from
- Multi-Use Citrus theme from Unique Blog Designs
- Free domain + free 6-month reseller account from HostedFX
- 1 Month 125X125 banner ad slot at The University Kid
- 1 free press release from Two Believers
- BlogSlammer entire suite of software - BlogSlammer for windows, Server Edition, and SiteSlammer.
- Free 30,000 visitor campaign from Better Visitors
- 1 month subscription to Logo Search
1 Free Copy of LP Jumper

1st place will get to choose 2 of the above prizes, 2nd - 15th places will each get to choose 1.

Click here to visit the forums.

Click here to read the Official Contest Rules.