These directories will no longer be free starting from next year, so take advantage of this offer and submit all your websites to them.

Please submit your sites in the most appropriate categories to ensure approval. If you submit them to the wrong category and I'm having a bad day, I won't even bother moving them to the correct category - I'll simply delete them.

Submit ANY & ALL sites to:
Big Phat Directory

Submit Adult & Dating sites ONLY to:
uXme Adult & Dating Directory

Submit Business-related sites to:
Dolluz Business Directory

The following are general web directories, illegal sites and sites with mature content will NOT be accepted:
Hopoc Web Directory
Losom Web Directory
Demm Info Directory
Jjsc Web Directory
4Sur Web Directory
Nipii Web Directory
Oroop Web Directory
eHosi Web Directory

All directories are human-edited. Thanks everyone!