I am giving away $20.00 Advertisement fee to web host.

Ehostlist.com is a new Web Hosting Directory. There are no host listed in the direcotry yet when I post this thread.

I am calling for all Web Host to post your hosting plan to my web host directory. We are giving $20 as ads fee for you to advertise your hosting plan within my hosting directory(Ehostlist.com). Normal listing is free. However you may use the fund in your account to buy featured listing, bolded text listing, highlighted listing and any service provided by Ehostlist.com.

You may suggest a category which is not curently listed. Go here to suggest a category : EHostList.com - Best Hosting Directory

All suggestion and commend are welcome at EHostList.com - Best Hosting Directory.

I will try to promote the directory hard possible and thank you for submit your hosting plan to my ehostlist.coma