Find good articles on web traffic.

Several of these links are outdated. I've disabled ones that no longer work.]

* Submission programs
Experienced and popular
FREE submission to major search engines and directories

* Search engines
Danny Sullivan's Search Engine Report
One click submits your site to the 8 top search engines

* Directories

* Reciprocal links
Zebulon Exchange of links

* Message boards - join in discussions
270,000 Web Forum Discussions [UPDATE: Newsletter, not forum.]

* Message boards - setting up your own
Discus - the one used by

* Pamphlets

* E-zine advertising
Huge list of places which list newsletters
What ezines should I advertise in?

* Get listed on What's Hot and What's Cool sites

* What's new sites

* URL plates

* Word of mouth

* Business cards
15 ways to use your business cards as a marketing tool

* Posters

* E-mail
E-mail help for the newcomer

* Chat rooms

* Online articles
Provide articles for webmasters and ezine publishers
E-mail help for the newcomer

* E-zine articles

* TV adverts

* Radio adverts

* Magazine adverts

* E-mail signatures
How to design a .sig file

* FREE classified ads

* Your own classified ad page

* Ezine ad swaps

* Publish your own newsletter and promote it

* Pay for newsletter subscribers

* Opt-in e-mail announcements

* Give away products at other sites

* Start your own revenue sharing program

* Run a seminar

* Send postcards

* Distribute car stickers, magnets etc

* Newsgroups
The best ones for free ads
Marketing on newsgroups

* Join a mall
The truth about Internet malls

* Offer digital postcards

* Recommend-it
Jim Rhodes' free referral script

* Capitalize on news events

* Help visitors return

* Create a community

* Work with charities

* Join discussion lists

* Networking
Tips from the queen of networking

* Give a speech
Make a speech and live to tell about it

* Bumper sticker on your car

* Jewelry with your website logo on it

* Cap or t-shirt with your website on it

* Public relations
Tips for press release writing and effective media relations
Learn from the experts
Public Relations Online Resources and Organizations

* Run sweepstakes

* Hold contests

* Create a media kit and post it here

* Add interactivity to encourage repeat visitors
Add chat, message boards, surveys, guest books, games, postcards, search engines, auctions etc.

* Make friends - and they will publicize your site.
Good news spreads like wildfire

* Joint ventures
The most powerful marketing concept on earth

* Powwow - brainstorm, mind map, think up brilliant new ideas.
Here are some offbeat offline ones.

Because so many new people are coming on the Internet all the time and being seduced by get-rich-quick advertising, there's a place for a marketing advice section on just about any site.

Feel free to post this list on your website or use it in your newsletter. You could add your own favorite links to it, and also add full descriptions of each site to make it more useful for your visitors.

You could also offer it free via an autoresponder, including a link to your site or newsletter, of course.

[UPDATE April 2004:
Don't waste time with free-for-all (FFA) sites. They used to work, a long time ago before masses of people began submitting to them automatically. I recommend using pay-per-click search engines for instant, cheap, highly targeted traffic: ]