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Thread: 10 Ways to Improve Your Sales and Traffic

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    10 Ways to Improve Your Sales and Traffic

    10 Ways to Improve Your Sales and Traffic

    Many times I check people's websites for some key ingredients
    that are needed to get more hits; and make more sales per hit.

    These are the ones that just glare at me when people write to ask
    me what they can do to make their sales better.

    1. They write me, and don't have a signature on their email.

    Set your email up with a two or three line signature. It can be
    a "Click Here to Find out How You can make Spare Cash on your
    computer!" Or, it can have your business name, your name, your
    url, and your phone number as any professional business would do.
    The choice is yours - however do ONE of them! Without a signature,
    you are losing a lot of potential traffic to your site.

    2. I go in to check their meta tags, and find worthless ones.

    Your meta tags should match what you are selling and should have
    at least three key words in the title, at least 3 key words in the
    description...and, at least 10 keywords that someone will search
    for. These Key Words should be on your main sales page.

    Do not spam the search engines with your meta tags. Repeat words
    are frowned upon. Pluralize everything that you can.

    3. Your Headline for your site should grab your reader's attention!

    Questions really work well. Are you ready to explode your sales?
    Are you tired of not selling anything? Does getting more hits to
    your site interest you? Are you ready to read the most powerful
    eBook on the net?

    4. Lack of using the word YOU.

    People on the average, don't care about you, the seller. They
    care about what your product is, and how it will benefit them.
    Outline that product and how it benefits them, and use the word
    YOU when doing that outline.

    5. Lack of making things easy for your potential customer.

    Your potential customer does not need to be distracted from
    reading your sales letter that benefits them by seeing flashing
    banners, and tons of animated graphics, which keep them from
    reading what you want and NEED them to read. Make it easy for
    them to read what you have to say about how your product will
    benefit them, and make the ordering easy and painless.

    6. Poor Grammar and Misspellings on your Site.

    This is just not professional. Get that dictionary out or at
    least, use spell check. Just remember, spell check will not know
    if you are using "there, their, they're" properly or that when
    you use "to, too or two" correctly. So, read your web page and
    make sure you have them right!

    *hint* Sometimes, putting a misspelled word in your meta tags
    will bring you a hit that you might not otherwise have gotten.
    Such as if you were selling a lose weight book.... Many people
    use "loose weight or lose wait," so it doesn't hurt to put the
    word "loose" and the word "wait" into your meta tags.

    7. Your colors are important.

    Your average web age on the net for people who buy is 41
    years old. Generally by the time a person hits the age of 40
    they are starting to need reading glasses.

    Do not put white print on black.... do not write in tiny print.
    Use a white or beige or yellowish background with Black or very
    dark blue print. Use Arial 10 or Verdana 10 and you should be
    all right.

    Do not write a whole web page in 14+ point.. It is okay to put
    emphasis on things, however you might try using italics and
    darken the italics to stress a point, or change the color
    slightly, drawing the eye to it.

    8. Not capturing your visitor's email.

    Hey, you spent time and possibly dollars to get a person to your
    website; don't let them get away without capturing their email.

    This does not mean that you need to harass them. It does mean
    that you need to start an ezine/newsletter or even an announcement
    for new products list. It means you need to entice them to sign
    up for something. Use free eBooks (preferably branded or your
    own to give away, providing they sign up for the free thing you
    give them.)

    9. Keep track of your previous customers.

    When you get a new product in, your previous customer should
    be emailed and told where to go to a special discount page
    just for them to review your new product.

    People who were happy when purchasing from you before are far
    more prepared to buy from you again. Don't let those past
    customers walk away.

    10. Get an Autoresponder; and an autoresponder course.

    Offering an autoresponder course on a subject that you are
    knowledgeable is yet another way to stay in contact with your
    visitors. It is said it takes 7 times for someone to see something
    before they purchase. What better way then a 7 day autoresponder

    Be prepared for your visitors and treat them like a valued guest
    in your home, and your sales will improve.
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    Nice tips ! Thanks for sharing

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