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Thread: Why Your Business Needs a Newsletter

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    Why Your Business Needs a Newsletter

    You are missing out on potential and existing customers becoming valuable long-term buyers. If you are not yet using a newsletter as a part of your internet Marketing efforts.

    A newsletter is an effective tool for collecting interested visitors' email addresses and converting them into buyers. Newsletters also are a fantastic method for keeping in touch with your most valued contact - previous customers. How?


    If a customer buys from you, but you have no newsletter to follow up, then you are basically handing him or her back to your competitors. Of course, if the Service was good and the product great they may come back. However,what if you have a new product that your existing customer may wish to buy and they do not know about it? Or they lose your website address? What if they just forget about you? A newsletter will prevent these things from occuring.


    That depends on various situations. Some businesses contact their subscribers as often as every day, others as infrequently as several times per year. Its depends a lot on what you are selling and what works for you. Also on what information you can give them, how often your subscribers will want to hear from you, etc.

    Many businesses contact their subscriber once per week and many prefer twice a month. Again,it depends on you and what your selling. If you publish your newsletter more than once a week, the customer may unsubscribe or routinely delete your messages. Less often and you're allowing your competition the chance to win over your potential customer.


    Publish informative articles on a product or service? Do you have a lot of contacts? Can you point out related products or services they might be interested in?

    It does not need to be long newsletter. A sale alert or announcement of a new service or product can do just as well for some businesses. The tips format is very popular. Industry news or 'How to...' and 'Top 5...' topics are a good idea and always try to make a connection between the newsletter and your product or service. Subscribe to several competitors' newsletters (they will surely be subscribing to yours). You can use a free email account to subscribe and see what they are offering their customers.


    There is a huge amount of newsletters online. Because of this subscribers can forget which ones are legitimate and which are spam.

    Keep your format consistent so your newsletter becomes visibly familiar. Make sure you indicate that the subscriber requested the information and provide an unsubscribe link on EVERY issue. You must do this if you want to limit complaints or spam reports.

    Your newsletter requires time and attention - it is the voice of you and your business. It crucial for you to Build relationships with your customers (and potential customers) and a traffic builder for your website.

    Good Luck!

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    For blog, RSS acts as newsletter.. No?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonescythe View Post
    For blog, RSS acts as newsletter.. No?
    RSS will never acts as newsletter, RSS is another way to broacast new message to user. Reasons:

    1. User require RSS reader to read those info, not every user know what is RSS reader.
    2. User priority is check email, then only goes to RSS reader.
    3. business point of view, RSS cannot collect user email address.
    4. Newsletter have more promotional message, RSS mostly deliver general message.

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