Who actually read the story about the town for sale on ebay??
The name of the town is wauconda and the winning bid was $370,601.00

Imagine what you could do if you would own that town

1.Change the towns name into your website URL

I know this was already done but Mark Hughes who talked Halfway/Oregon into changing their name to Half.com
With that publicity stunt he was able to grow the customer base from 0 to 8 Million within only 3 years...
You have to do a LOT OF SOCIAL BOOKMAKRING AND LINKBUILDING to get those results..
But who cares - you could do it again and you will end up getting publicity

2. You can force the citizen to wear a T-shirt with your URL printed on it (since this is already the name of the town
they can even develop some kind of community spirit with your help LOL)

3. If you are a nasty and bad person you can force them to get the URL tattooed on their forehead (nasty, I know but this WILL GET YOU A
YOU A LOT OF MEDIA COVERAGE - but most probably one or two people will start to hate you also)

4.Your ULR is not limited to T-shirts and foreheads - you could also put them on Cows, Horses, Chicken, Eggs (great if you plan to
sell the eggs nationwide)