most probably you already read somewhere that giving away a free ebook will get you tons of visitors -
I tried this myself and to be honest it wasnt such a great success -

But I still like the idea to give someting away for free - a great idea would to give something away for free which is
sort of unique, has "value" and doesnt cost you an arm and a leg..

What about giving away those fake Million Dollar Bills with your URL - some are really cheap while others (those of higher quality)
cost you usually more than a few bucks. If you do your own design you could print them even cheaper
(but check with the Feds first) LOL

IMO thats a great idea if you own a "Make Money Blog" or want to teach people how to make money online -
Print your URL on it and make you whole town "rich" by giving them away (I guess that wont work if you live in L.A.) ;-)))

Check Bing and you will find plenty of sites where you can order your Millions of Dollars...