In Crowdsourcing, you leverage from the Internet from a huge group of people. Okay, example would be this. Assuming your organization or company is a small one, and you need a lot of information in a short time, letís say, in organizing an event. You then, logon to a website with a lot of event managers, which is a forum website, and then you post something there saying something like this ďMy company ABC Enterprise will be organizing a Green event, and would like to source for Event managers who have experience and ideas on how to run this event.Ē Letís say the forum has about 1000 Event Management companies registered. Normally, Conventional Marketing Conversion Rate is 1%, meaning out of 1000, 10 will reply with a meaningful answer.

Using the 10 suggestion and contacts from the Event Managers, you can begin to tap their experience and minds to organize your Green Event before outsourcing to them. Of course, this excercise will only be effective with a large pool of targetted people (like Event Managers) and can only be done via the Internet and also Online Marketing (posting in the forum is the tactic). Very much like how Malaysian Business Network got 7, yes and I mean SEVEN venue sponsors and 3 Food Sponsors for our event last month.

The above tactic may sound like a simple one, but it is effective, if we only take time to do it. It saves you money and time and not to mention brain juice in doing a company or business project.

Let me know what you think of this method yeah.