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Thread: MIRC Penang ICT Week 2007

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    MIRC Penang ICT Week 2007

    MIRC PENANG ICT WEEK 2007 (13 – 18 DECEMBER 2007)

    Take place from 13th to 18th December 2007 and armed with this year theme “ICT Is Fun!”, MIRC Penang ICT Week 2007 certainly serve something different on its menu for Northern region SMEs this year. MIRC Penang ICT Week 2007 will be filled with a series of knowledge enriching as well as exciting activities such as:

    MIRC Training Day
    Date: 13thh December 2007 (Thursday)
    Venue: Equatorial Hotel, Penang

    Being the biggest supporter of MIRC all these years does have GREAT advantage as Microsoft will have its own Training Day in return of Penang ICT Week 2007 sponsorship! In this complimentary workshop during Penang ICT Week 2007, Microsoft will also have the advantage of a workshop that will truly dedicate to educate SMEs and end users with their products and services. Leave the hassles of acquiring participants, promotions, registration, logistic, food and beverage to us and have FUN with the workshop the Microsoft way!

    MIRC Arabian Nite
    Date: 14th December 2007 (Friday)
    Venue: Berjaya Georgetown, Penang
    This year, a casual business cocktail session will be held where participants can mingle with decision makers and we are sure that business talk is not the only subject that will be brought on the table! The MIRC Arabian Nite is a by invitation only event and it’s a jovial time for the guests to have fun, be entertained and dine the Middle Eastern style! Oooppsss…. Did we say anything about all night entertainment? Because if we did, you heard us RIGHT!

    MIRC Penang Chinese Seminar
    Date: 15th December 2007 (Saturday)
    Venue: Chinese Chamber of Commerce Building
    For Chinese speakers out there, watch out for this year’s MIRC Chinese Seminar as this time around the MIRC Chinese Seminar will talk about Asia’s Rising Tiger: Vietnam! Together with Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the MIRC Chinese Seminar is expected to attract Penang Chinese speakers to flock to hall. The MIRC Chinese Seminar will be held in Mandarin for half-day.

    MIRC ICT Treasure Hunt 2007
    Date: 16th December 2007 (Sunday)
    Venue: Penang Island surrounding areas.

    Who says adrenalin rush activities don’t need technology? Shed those sweats and team up with your colleagues while having fun in the MIRC ICT Treasure Hunt 2007! This time around we do it Penang style! This unique competition not only brings up your company competitive side, it also encourages teamwork and mind share between participants and eheemmm we have GREAT prizes to WIN! For all we know… the aggressive competition in ICT industry is the least of the participants’ problems for sure!

    MIRC Business Leadership Summit 2007
    Date: 17th December 2007 (Monday)
    Venue: Equatorial Hotel, Penang
    The most anticipated summit during MIRC Penang ICT Week 2007 as participants will have the first advantage of listening to ideas, tips, insights, updates and success stories from prominent business leaders both local and international. A follow up session where business discussion and Q & A session with the speakers will be held afterwards to encourage knowledge enriching dialogue between the participants and the speakers.

    MIRC e-Marketing Conference 2007
    Date: 18th December 2007 (Tuesday)
    Venue: Equatorial Hotel, Penang
    Acknowledging the increase usage of ICT in today’s marketing, an E-Marketing Conference will be conducted so that businesses will get the right ideas and helpful tips on how to get the right exposure and expand business to make their brand standing tall not just in real world but virtually as well. Boosting business really is our business!

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    MIRC Arabian Nite is doing at tg.bungah beach resort, not berjaya hotel, just by invitation

    MIRC Business Leadership Summit 2007 & MIRC e-Marketing Conference 2007
    Registration fees is RM30
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