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  1. What you want me to work with you in

    I am interested, add me in YIM -
  2. actually i already register with new domain

    it is digg clone website..

    but i'll focus on local info..
    anyway, i'm looking partner who can work together for this..
    i've no money to pay, but i can give space for their own ads.. they can put own adsense there or if theycan find sponsor.. its own their own...
  3. And yeah what is with, what do you do there??
  4. Hi lochoe,

    I have some programs where I make money from and I conduct "Online Classroom" to teach people how to make money online. I have been making money on the internet for the past 4 years.

    My plan is to expand this classroom and you can help me by bringing in people to join the online classroom especially Malaysians like us. They need to register and pay fees for my service, just like a tuitionla. The fees we can decide later but I am taking RM200 a month and the classroom will go on for 3 months, so In total RM600..they need to pay for the first month only to join (RM200).

    You have any other ideas?
  5. hello radish, this is the reply from your msg in my thread, Lets we work something profitable business together..', i believe u have great idea... mind to share?? i'm really interested if that project can generate income, now i work on u can take a look.. please tell me :-)
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