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  1. Hi there, I am an expert in CJ and there is a post I did in Digital Forum where I coach people to earn money from CJ without doing any sales, without the need of a domain and hosting and the best part is traffic is not important at all.

    I have programs that pays from $2.50 to $18 for each account you give away for free!

    I have been making money on CJ for the past 3.5 years and never done any sales but getting $$ every month. How much I earn from it each month? Secret but I can say 4 figures in malaysia ringgit and sometimes near the 5 figures.

    But I charge for the coaching I give, from Digital Point forum I have 5 people joining me in the matter of 1 week and I started the 1st lesson of my coaching. I coach through msn/yahoo messenger and emails. It will be step by step.

    I am charging $50 for the coaching and support for a life time but the offer is closed now. The new price is $100 and that is RM330. But I will offer you it for RM250 if you are interested. 1 month money back guarantee if you don't make money from my ways.

    You can earn $10 - $35 everyday. I will teach you from 1st to last step.
    Email me at if you are interested.
  2. Hi Coolio, how are you doing?

    I have been making money with CJ for the past 3.5 years. The program is great and paid me a few thousand dollars already till today. Expecting another cheque next week ($347.50).

    Alright I believe you already registered with it?
    But I am very sorry I cannot teach you how to make money with CJ because I have been conducting my "Online Classroom Malaysia" where I teaches fellow malaysians (and a few outside malaysia) the ways I make money on the internet with 100% free programs. It have been very successful and let me tell you that there is NO forex, mlm and SELLING involved at all!

    I have been making money on the internet for the past 4 years and currently my primary income. In my classroom I do teach my students to make money from CJ (one of the ways in my Online Classroom). Therefore I am sorry I can't say anything about CJ outside the classroom because people pay me to learn the ways to make money on the internet. It won't be fair for them.

    If you want to learn on CJ and other money making ways then joining my Classroom will be the way. I do personal coaching thru MSN or Yahoo Messenger.
  3. Hi,

    I've been always keen to learn how to make money from CJ. CJ is the one program that didn't work for me. Care to tell me more about your program?

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