Hello everybody !I sell cvv US UK CA EU.... .
All cvv i sell is fresh one. I don't give cvv for

test, DEMO, Share free.
If u want test please buy one and then if the

cvv is good u can buy more from me
1 cvv i only sell for 1 customer, no resell
I accept payment only on liberty and here is a

list of ccv price.....
us visa master= 2$ amex 3$
uk all 5$ bin 10$
some Eu and Ca, who need contact me
us (visa or master)= 2$
us (amex or dis)= 3$
uk (visa or master)= 4$
uk (amex or dis )= 6$
US Amex 3 $
UK master/visa 6$
UK amex 12$
discover 4$
visa 3$
uk with dob 15$
italia 25$
germany 10$
seden 12$
spain 7$
uk normal 5$
ca 7$
full us 20$
full uk 40$
france 12$
will discount my price for u if u are reseller

buy everyday or u buy many
Thank u very much!

Who need buy, Plz contact me :
Yahoo mail: hack_ccv_logon@yahoo.com
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