Hi all,

Wow..lucky I am able to join webmastermalaysia.com. I wish that this site will grow and expand like explosion in years of future to come. And a very warm greeting to you all at webmastermalaysia.com, I am Calverstine (my nick), and Johnny is my name.

I joined this of the reason to attend some very interesting thread at webmastermalaysia and hope that I could help get some freelancer resources into codermall

FYI, codermall.com is a website that is forever under developement. Hehe..just as time flies things changed from time to time, so we'll be grateful if there's some member that is willing to join codermall and I'll be doing full e-marketing after CNY 2008.

codermall is a freelancer's outsourcing utopia as it's name voiced to help freelancer in earning extra income. Project manager get to outsource project and freelancer tends to apply for assignment / service posted. We only had a few member at the moment and receive some complain, but we'll improve the site everyday, every second to make codermall a freelancer agent monopoly at Malaysia. So, come and join us as we'll be having promising projects to come after this site's marketing is started.

Enjoy your days, webmastermalaysian!