Any comments about the free Mail Archive?

It is a free mail archiving service.
The Mail Archive... simple... easy... convenient

The Mail Archive provides a simple service - keeping searchable archives of public internet mailing lists. You'll find it easy to peruse, and easy to archive your own public mailing lists here.
The Mail Archive's Purpose

The Mail Archive was developed in February 1998 to do exactly one thing -- provide trivial mailing list archiving. Using The Mail Archive, you may store an internet mailing list for future reference. Or search special interest mailing lists to bring yourself up to speed on the latest events. Need to keep tabs on public mailing lists - even high traffic ones - without cluttering your inbox? The Mail Archive is the place.
The Mail Archive's Ease of Use

The Mail Archive was designed to be easy to use. Full web indexing plus a search engine aid in perusing the archives. Additionally, people can trivially archive their own mailing list using this service. Simply subscribe a special email address to the list - and that's it! No registration, no passwords, no downloading, no installing, no configuring, no fees. Please check our FAQ for additional details. The Mail Archive is a public service for public use. Any use related to unsolicited commercial email is expressly prohibited.
Mother of all disclaimers

This is a free service WITHOUT WARRANTY; there are no guarantees if something should go wrong. The process of indexing mailing lists is automatic; The Mail Archive cannot and does not screen material and assumes no responsibility for the contents of lists included in the index.