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I have been literally flooded by emails today from my readers and also Mike..

Who is mike?
Mike is the one that will be paying me for all the ppl i refer to his FREE REPORT

How to answer all the readers’ questions once and for all.. pls read the following for more info abt this 1 USD for a free report thingy deal

Just sign up here for a free ebook from Mike Filsaime (who is a huge internet marketer who will eventually try to sell you something… but we don’t really care about that right now… we are doing this for the free money!)

Then give away the ebook to everyone you know… you will get your own url in the members area to do it. For everyone that signs up, you get paid a dollar to paypal. And you get a dollar for everyone THEY sign up as well.

I know this sounds like many of the other “Christmas Cash” chain letters going around, but it isn’t THAT. This is a promotional thing from a known and respected (although sometimes bothersome) internet marketer. You can unsubscribe from his newsletters once you get paid… like I said, this is about the free money, not the info he is giving you, nor the product he will almost surely try to sell you down the line.

2 months back, there was this guy who offered 0.50 for everyone who refer someone to read his free report on thedeath of adsense I signed up thinking what stunt is he up to and refer a few friends and true enough he did send me some money via paypal for me referring a few of my friends.. what he is doing actually is build up his leads and then upsell something expensive (1995USD course) in the future.. the story is he spent 50k on this campaign and made it back with the sales of few of his courses (however I didnt buy it and so pocketed the money easily)

It was an effective campaign and yesterday Mike Filsaime, a very well respected guru in internet marketing, started an even more powerful viral email campaign.. this time it is 1 dollar for every one u refer and 1 dollar for everyone u referred who refer someone else.. this is definitely not a scam as he is a well known marketer and his site is at . or u can see from google results how well-known he is: hl=en&q=Mike+Filsaime&meta=

definitely there is gonna be an upsell later on so i would advise u to sign up for this free report and refer ppl and once paid, unsubscribe from his mailing list..

Its a no risk deal since u dont pay a single cent.. n u can also use a throwaway email address so u dont get spams..

if ur ready, pls follow my step by step instructions:
Step 1: Sign up here (this is a referral link but u dont lose any $$ joining under me)

Step 2: Confirm your email and enter the confirmation code (the code is dxy72a)

Step 3: Get your referral link in the members area and promote (give away the ebook)

Step 4: Download the free reports if you want.

Step 5: Wait for payout!

haha as u can see the simple 5 Steps doesnt require u to fork out a single cent and is easy to follow..

Check the alexa rank: details/traffic_ details?url=

See the sharp spike.. since yesterday on the graph.. its pretty narrow spike since this site is only 1 day old

IF the website is slow, thats because of the immense traffic.. by the time now.. it shld be around 20k+ members already.. so act fast!

Good Luck.