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Thread: StudioTraffic is going to launch a 2GB mail for its member!!!

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    StudioTraffic is going to launch a 2GB mail for its member!!!

    Ya,it true,they are launching a 2GB mailbox for their members soon,only for active members( means surf everyday n earn ST money )

    signup now to have a 2GB mailbox

    ************************************************** ******

    What is StudioTraffic?

    For Members : Our advertisers will pay you to look at their websites. StudioTraffic is similar to your local television where you can sit, relax and look at advertisements. The difference between StudioTraffic and your local television is that StudioTraffic pays you to surf and watch advertisers' websites, whereas your local TV station allows you to watch TV programs for free.

    For Advertisers: If you wish to advertise your websites online, just as you would on TV, StudioTraffic is the right place to be. The important thing about StudioTraffic is that you can advertise your websites for free.

    What is unique about StudioTraffic, is that you can be a member or an advertiser or both at the same time. StudioTraffic is a unique system where you can advertise your sites and our advertisers will pay you to view their websites, giving you the opportunity to increase those earnings further, and let you earn credits to advertise your own site, at the very same time.

    ************************************************** *****

    How does it work?

    Sign up now, and StudioTraffic will give you a free $10 account level. Then, all you need to do is log into your account, click on the Surf STV button, and watch. A new window will open for you, and show you our advertiserís web sites, on a 20-second timer. Once you have viewed your allocated number of sites, you will be credited with 1% of your account level. With a free account, thatís $0.10 a day! Itís that easy. You can also choose to upgrade your account to earn even more! Remember that there is NO OBLIGATION TO PAY ANYTHING, EVER. Use Surf STV as long as you wish, for free. You can earn between $0.10 up to $150 a day, depending on your account level, for about an hour of surfing. On top of that, you will earn credits that you can use to advertise your own website. We have thousands of members using Surf STV at any time. Thatís thousands of people ready to spend money at your website. Think about it. Where else can you earn money for advertising your site?

    ************************************************** *****

    Understand the Concept?

    When StudioTraffic have Trillions of members,if u are advertiser,would you advertise through this media when there are trillions of viewers who will definitely watch ur advertisement?

    This is how they survive!!!

    Check this out at :

    This deal is burning hot in Malaysia now,take a look,u don't need to pay anything for it
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