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Thread: how to find muslim wife?

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    how to find muslim wife?

    salaam, if you havent checked out my other posts, im coming to Malay in MArch 2005, and want to know what is the best way in finding a wife? All I know so far is to ask the mosque and imam, any other ideas?

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    u see, getting married not as simple as meeting someone and then got married. U have to know them first and ask urself whether r u ready to get married and be responsible.

    I believe, if u r sincere in getting a wife, whether muslim or non muslim, u did not have to ask. Maybe during ur visit here, just go around Malaysia, the cities etc, u might found one. Or else, register ur self in a matchmaking agencies, they will help u.

    BTW, how long u will spend ur time here? ANd welcome to malaysia, have a nice stay.
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    u sound more like coming to get a hooker & marry her!

    wat, do u think girls in malaysia are brainless or wat?

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    hahahahah. relax man. u cannot find soulmate in a couple of day.take your time man. this is all about gettin married.

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