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Thread: is speed really matter???

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    is speed really matter???

    price vs it worth to pay much for the higher speed? how many people are actually benefiting from that speed?

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    me! it's worth to pay quality service.....
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    I was paying over hundred ringgit for my 56k internet access, now only pay RM88 per month to get 512k.

    Even it is not REAL 512k, but compare to 56k dial-up, it is definately worth.

    If you seldom use Internet, then paying RM88 per month may not worth to you. It is all depends on user needs

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    Yup, it depend on you. Like Icf, I pay nearly RM 200 for my crappy 56k modem connection, which almost all the time, the connection only got 32k at best.

    Consider, I could save a lot of time, leasure to surf (no more hair pulling when browsing flash site), able to download a lot of game demo or any software i interested to try, playing online game (which I could only dream before - Need For Speed Underground, Unreal Tournament 2003, Warcraft 3, Ragnarok, etc) and sharing my internet connection to my whole family - mean no queing. RM 88 really worth
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    It depends Upon the you...If you need more speed means you can get the High speed package from the Service Provider....Really it worth only in MY point of view...for example i say my experience ..i am using 2Mbps connection...My speed is Good..They providing Best speed...I am using 10 Computer shared through routers,I checked the speed of the Internet at here the Uploading speed and Downloading speed is Good...So You can proceed to High speed from the service provider..
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    define speed, what are the metric and subject that you are referring to ?

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