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Thread: Congratulation - Asia Best Web Hosting!

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    Congratulation - Asia Best Web Hosting!

    Congratulation to Our Sponsor and Mr. Chan a.k.a KSStudio!.
    Proud being exa-bytean.. Siapa sangka sekarang dah paling baik kat asia :P

    the award
    Asia Best Web Hosting Company 2003

    IT management is on the line. Shrinking hosting budgets present you with difficult challenges, like "How do I get more hosting features for less?" You are asked to drive out costs and reduce risks while creating more visible website value for the organization. In this era of total accountability, business is always looking for the highest standards of reliability and stability without increasing budgets.

    While many Asia hosting companies are closing down, is moving forward to new growth and increasing the proportion of highly profitable hosting services that have been independently programmed in-house.

    Asian creativity and innovation did not die with the collapse of the Internet bubble. Technology companies with good ideas and good execution of those ideas can still grow at an extraordinary pace. is one fine example. Although is less than 3 years old, it has already hosted more websites for customers from North America than any other Asian company.

    Founded in May 2001, Penang-based Exa-Bytes Network Sdn Bhd is responding fast to the demands of the market. Chan Kee Siak, CEO of Exa-Bytes understands offering cutting-edge hosting features with a strong support team to continuously improve uptime, backed by stable and reliable servers, is the recipe for success in the web hosting industry inside Asia.

    In August 2003, the company launched a strategy to focus on Asian markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Japan. The region's markets are growth areas, so it makes sense for Exa-Bytes to bolster its commitment to enable present and future growth. Singapore, in this respect, offers opportunities for foreign hosting companies with a market dominated by domestic competitors that are dogged by the current economic weakness in Singapore. Exa-Bytes aims to strengthen its market position in Malaysia and Singapore to further develop its local technical expertise.

    As Asian network administrators are faced with myriad choices when it comes to resources for IT and internet services, HostPulse decides to help online users find suitable and reliable web hosting services.

    In the search for the recipient of the Asia Best Web Hosting Company Award, we look at the companies in our database and we profile some of the Asian hosting providers we admire most. We make our selection for this competitive award after careful consideration of the awardee's details and accompanying materials.

    Edging out a number of leading hosting providers, is our first recipient of the Asia Best Web Hosting Company Award based on certain criteria including overall ability to reduce customer costs associated with website maintenance, effective hosting management, overall support service, and range of features in any one hosting plan.

    "There are many other top-notch hosting companies like WebVisions Pte Ltd and CommuniLink Internet Limited, but Exa-Bytes proves the company is worthy of our attention and wins our approval. Although its server are hosted remotely, the company offers very significant advantages in the area of hosting features and price compared to other competitors, " says HostPulse founder, Terence L

    Its Windows 2003 server is the latest service that the company is offering with a price starting from US$76.50 per year for 100MB disk space to US$216.50 for 300MB disk space with

    transfer. The range of features included in any one package is awesome.

    " isn't just in the early stages of growth. It is a well-established hosting business looking to position itself well for many years to come," says Terence L

    HostPulse and are proud to acknowledge Exa-Bytes Network Sdn Bhd as the 2003 recipient of the Asia Best Web Hosting Company Award.

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    Cayalah~ tepuk, tepuk, tepuk!

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