-Get a Gold VISA/MASTERCARD. Monthly income only RM$1500 to qualify.
-Newly launched through tied-up deal with VISA/MASTERCARD.
-Recognized globally at all VISA/MASTERCARD establishments.
-NO fees for the first two years.

3 things you can enjoy with this card:

1. Enjoy the convenience and prestige of owning a Gold Card!
For people who could not own one due to the high requirement set in Singapore Now is an opportunity to get these 2 GOLD VISA & MASTER Credit Card and enjoy the prestige as a gold card holder.

2. Earn cash rebates from your own spending!
You can earn back cash from your own spending on the card unlike the hard-to-earn gifts/rewards programmes offered by local banks. Earn points when you use the card to pay monthly car loans, petrol, utilities, food and shopping bills, groceries, etc ! Points accumulated are translated into cash rebates monthly with every use of your credit card.

3. Earn more cash rebates from your friends who also own the card!
There is this reward system where you are able to earn by introducing the card to your friends. When they spend, the points they accumulate also goes to you. You are able to make a profit just by using the card and asking your friends to do the same.

-Profits made are sent to you by cheque monthly.
-Apply & use this card to make your money work for you instead of being a SLAVE to your money.

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